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By-law Number 856-07
(Regarding Rural Infastructure)

Being a by-law to authorize the submission of an application to the Ontario Infrastructure Project Corporation ("OPIC") for funding from the Rural Infrastructure Investment Initiative for new eligible capital project of the Corporation of the Township of Laird; and to approve the expenditure of funds on said eligible capital project;

WHEREAS the Municipal Act, 2001 (Ontario), as amended (the "Act") provides that a municipal power shall be exercised by by-law unless the municipality is specifically authorized to do otherwise;

AND WHEREAS on September 19, 2006 the Province of Ontario announced an investment of $70 million dollars for rural infrastructure as a one-time grant for rural infrastructure initiatives to eligible Ontario municipalities;

AND WHEREAS it is now deemed to be expedient to authorize for the municipal purposes of the Municipality the new capital project described in column (2) of Schedule "A" attached hereto and forming part of this By-law in the amount of the estimated expenditure set out in column (3) of Schedule "A".

AND WHEREAS OIPC has invited eligible Ontario municipalities desirous of obtaining funding pursuant to the Rural Infrastructure Investment Initiative in order to meet capital expenditures in connection with new eligible capital projects to make application to OIPC for such funding by completing and submitting an application on the form provided by OIPC;

AND WHEREAS the eligible Municipality has submitted an Application to OIPC to request funding for a Project;

1. The Council of the Corporation of the Township of Laird hereby confirms, ratifies and approves the completion by the Clerk-Treasurer of an application and the submission by such authorized official of an Application, duly executed by such authorized official, to OIPC for the funding of a Project for the purposes of the Rural Infrastructure Investment Initiative in the maximum aggregate principal amount of $175,000.00 (One Hundred and Seventy-five Thousand), the "Funding".
2. (a) Construction of this Project in the amount of the respective estimated Authorized Expenditure set out in column (3) of Schedule "A" is hereby approved and authorized;
(b) any one or more of the Mayor and the Clerk-Treasurer are hereby authorized to conclude contracts on behalf of the Municipality for the construction of the Project in accordance with the Municipality's usual protocol.
2. (c) where applicable, the Road Superintendent of the Municipality will forthwith make such plans, profiles and specifications and furnish such information as in the opinion of the Road Superintendent is necessary for the construction of the Project;
(d) where applicable, the construction of the Project shall be carried on and executed under the superintendence and according to the direction and
orders of such Road Superintendent; and (e) the Road Superintendent, or such other official of the Municipality charged with the management of the Project shall report semi-annually to the Council of the Municipality on the status of the Project.
3. The Council of the Municipality hereby confirms that the Funding will be applied and shall be used exclusively for financing the Project eligible under the Rural Infrastructure Investment Initiative as set out in Schedule "A" to this By-law and for no other purposes.
4. This By-law takes effect on the day of passing.


Mayor, Richard Beitz -

Clerk, Phyllis L. MacKay -

Schedule "A" to By-Law Number 856-07

(1) (2) (3) (4)
Project Number Description of Eligible Capital Work Estimated Expenditure Grant Amount


Laird Council deems it vital to the safety and economic welfare of the township, its inhabitants and visitors to surface treat a specific region of the municipality's roads. As this section of roadway is construction ready, council requests approval to hard top Government Road from Pumpkin Point Road to Lake George Road; Riley Road East from Government; Lake George Road from Government Road to Lapish Road, Lapish Road from Lake George Road To Bar River Road. This area project would compliment and enhance adjacent roads. This project would cut down on summer maintenance, grading and dust control, and allow the municipality to free up funds for other required services. This area runs a total of 5km and it is anticipated that the benefit would not only apply to the municipality in cost saving maintenance activities, but also anyone using the road would see a reduction in vehicle maintenance and gas consumption, at the very least. Persons with allergies from dust created along gravel roads would also be helped.


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