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R.R. #4
Echo Bay, Ontario, Canada
P0S 1C0
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AT 7:30 P.M.

Mayor: Dick Beitz
Councillors: Donna Connolly, Charles Frenette, Wayne Junor, Todd Rydall
Road Superintendent: Michael Hunter
Clerk: Phyllis MacKay

ON MOTION (No. 191-08) of Wayne Junor, seconded by Todd Rydall that council approves council minutes of November 19, and recreation committee minutes of November 25, 2008, as presented. CARRIED

Joanne Katzur, Laird Hall chairperson spoke to council about hall flooring. Additional information is to be obtained from Bill Brown.

Frank Lajambe reviewed access to Lot 3, Plan H-749 for council.

ON MOTION (No. 192-08) of Todd Rydall, seconded by Donna Connolly that council advises it deems that portion of Riley Road not maintained by the municipality to be an access road as per Road Access Act. CARRIED

Jennifer Moran went over the first portion of the proposed Official Plan with council. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has been asked for comments.

ON MOTION (No. 193-08) of Donna Connolly, seconded by Wayne Junor that council approves general accounts to December 10, 2008 as presented in the amount of $32,324.95. CARRIED

ON MOTION (No. 194-08) of Todd Rydall, seconded by Donna Connolly that council endorses resolution of Algoma Public Health petitioning the Provincial Government provide adequate funding to the Infant and Child Development Program of Algoma Public Health to maintain important prevention services to the children and families of the District of Algoma. CARRIED

ON MOTION (No. 195-08) of Chuck Frenette, seconded by Todd Rydall that council supports resolution of City of Cambridge calling on the Provincial Government to do what they can to help soften the blow for Ontario residents and property owners of all classes including a deferral of the four year phase in for property tax increases by one year. CARRIED

ON MOTION (No. 196-08) of Donna Connolly, seconded by Todd Rydall that council responds to Macdonald Township Councilís enquiries and request to assist in financing a new tanker truck as follows: Laird council did not put any money away in 2008, and would not budget any funds until further discussions at one of our council meetings. CARRIED

ON MOTION (No. 197-08) of Todd Rydall, seconded by Wayne Junor that council approves quote for 2009 municipal insurance coverage from Algoma Insurance/Frank Cowan Company Limited in the amount of $39,158 plus tax. CARRIED

Council endorses the annual dinner for staff.

ON MOTION (No. 198-08) of Wayne Junor, seconded by Chuck Frenette that council, further to Resolution No. 189-08 states that the application to Building Canada Fund is its highest infrastructure priority. CARRIED

Two rooms are to be booked for the 2009 ROMA/OGRA Conference in February.

It was the consensus of council that Jennifer Moranís employment be continued and discussed further at 2009 budget review.

ON MOTION (No. 199-08) of Donna Connolly, seconded by Todd Rydall that council thank the Echo Bay Volunteer Fire Department for its letters and request that the township be kept informed of further developments of the November 5, 2008 fire. CARRIED

ON MOTION (No. 200-08) of Wayne Junor, seconded by Donna Connolly that the council meeting be adjourned. CARRIED

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