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HELD 0N MAY 21, 2020

Mayor: Dick Beitz
Councillors: Shawn Evoy, Ed Lapish, Todd Rydall, Frank Turco
Clerk: Phyllis MacKay
Admin Assistant: Jennifer Errington
Road Superintendent: David Pollari

The electronic meeting of council opened a 7:33 p.m. with Jennifer Errington and Phyllis MacKay present at the municipal office.

ON MOTION (No. 53-20) of Todd Rydall, seconded by Ed Lapish that council approves minutes of April 16, 2020, as presented. CARRIED

ON MOTION (No. 54-20) Todd Rydall, seconded by Shawn Evoy that council approves general accounts to May 21, 2020, as presented in the amount of $47,400.15. CARRIED

ON MOTION (No. 55-20) of Ed Lapish, seconded by Todd Rydall that council approves road accounts to March 31, and April 30, 2020 in the amounts of $48,192.85 and $14,685.12, respectively. CARRIED

ON MOTION (No. 56-20) of Shawn Evoy, seconded by Frank Turco that council approves By-law 1020-20 as presented, setting tax ratios for the year 2020, as in previous years. CARRIED

Opinion of each councillor was given as to succession planning as stated in the municipal Hiring Policy. All councillors agreed in principle with the Hiring Policy with the exception of Councillor Turco.

ON MOTION (No. 57-20) of Todd Rydall, seconded by Ed Lapish that council recognizes, in principle, succession planning as per municipal Hiring Policy.
For Motion: Todd Rydall, Ed Lapish, Shawn Evoy
Abstained: Frank Turco

ON MOTION (No. 58-20) of Frank Turco, seconded by Shawn Evoy that council tenders for new backhoe, and/or used backhoe with very low hours. CARRIED

ON MOTION (No. 59-20) of Shawn Evoy, seconded by Ed Lapish that council approves by-law authorizing the Mayor and Clerk sign agreement with the Provincial and Federal Governments for funding provided for the Lakeview Bridge. CARRIED

ON MOTION (No. 60-20) of Todd Rydall, seconded by Ed Lapish that Whereas the Township has received 3 quotes for the 2020 bridge inspection; therefore, be it resolved that Council approves the quote of Kresin Engineering in the amount of $600.00 for the 2020 By-annual Bridge Inspection. CARRIED

ON MOTION (No. 61-20) of Shawn Evoy, seconded by Ed Lapish that the council approves hiring of persons under the Federal Youth Grant program, as recommended, and add additional hours covered by the municipal, if required. CARRIED

It was the consensus of council to substitute co-mingled items for the glass bin at the waste disposal site.

ON MOTION (No. 62-20) of Shawn Evoy, seconded by Ed Lapish that the council meeting be adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

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