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JANUARY 29, 2008

A recently produced comparison of municipal tax rates shows that Laird Township has the lowest tax rate of area municipalities. Council is pleased to be able to maintain an affordable tax rate while providing the customary road upgrades, now having 27 miles of road surface treated. Discussion on the 2008 budget will begin shortly and it is anticipated more road improvements will be included.
Are you confused too? Concerns regarding the corner of single-lane Highway 17 and Bar River Road have been discussed with the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) on a number of occasions. Just recently, after a transport with an excavator on a trailer went through the intersection and ended up in the field, the municipality spoke with the Ministry and requested flashing lights be placed on the checker-board sign, or other appropriate steps be taken as a visual reminder of the road coming to an end. MTO placed small flashing lights on both the stop-ahead and stop signs at this corner as well as installing a larger stop sign. Council has also corresponded with MTO and has been assured that the signs referring to Bar River Road will be replaced with correct directional indicators, east and west, not north and south. It is anticipated that with the construction of a merge lane onto the four-lanes and better signage, this area will become much safer.

The Township of Laird is looking for an individual to do maintenance and grass cutting at Pumpkin Point Park and the cemetery, as well as grass cutting at the Laird Fairgrounds. Equipment will be supplied. It is estimated the length of employment will be from mid May to mid October. Interested individuals are asked to drop off an application to the municipal office prior to February 29, 2008.

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